The Future of and Editorial Philosophies

The idea was born in 1993 for an extensive sourcebook of firearms knowledge of use to people new to the survivalist scene.   Early drafts went through several changes before coming close to being publishable.  We had originally looked at Paladin Press as the likely publisher but had difficulty integrating the text with pictures.  Another issue was the reluctance of people who owned special, unique, valuable and sometimes illegal weapons to submit pictures and information about them to a stranger for publication.   

In late 1998 the main writer decided to change from a book format to a website format because it reduced publishing costs and made it easier to alter text and pictures without committing to a publication schedule. went online as a beta site late one Friday night in  October 2000 and got over 150 hits in the first six hours before any promotion to the major search engines.   

The mission of this site is to act as a fixed resource for people interested in survivalism.   We aim for a broad and international audience in the spirit of the free thinkers that established the United States of America as a beacon of liberty in what was (and in many places is) a world darkened by tyranny.   We are, however, not espousing the frequently xenophobic narrowly focused platform commonly associated with the far right political movements in the US.  

The editors, webmaster and publisher neither espouse nor promote racist, Communist or anti-American views.  We do understand that people who live in a pluralistic society are entitled to hold views that may or may not be objectionable to others.  Somewhere between anarchy and a police state we must recognize forums for open expression and respect that people will have different views.   If a society travels down a road gagging every voice of dissent, totalitarianism is the destination.  

Potential advertisers and marketing partners in this endeavor are welcome to contact the editor at  We ask you to join in our efforts to build and maintain this resource for Liberty.